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Client Testimonials

Hi Jane,
It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday.  I cannot thank you enough for the time that you spent with Sarah and the positive impact you had on her.
As soon as we got in the car, Sarah spoke so excitedly about all that you had taught her in such a short time!  You gave her the permission that her inner voice needed to hear to allow changes and how to make those changes work.
Jane, I heard my daughter laugh and talk and relax.  I still saw obsessive stuff when she prepared her meals, but I KNOW that this does not happen overnight, and I was just so happy to hear her sounding more confident about food/weekend w/friends, etc!
Many thanks and we will see you on  May 13th at 4:15!
Email from the mother of a client after our first meeting

Hi Jane,
Thanks for all this. I was truly delighted with our meeting. I enjoyed your spirit, your competence, your swordsmanship, and just about everything about you.
It was fun and interesting and kept me on my toes.
I shall endeavor to follow the plans below as best I can.
I look forward to our next meeting. Jane, you did a great job with me, and I'm truly grateful. I had wanted to call or write you immediately after our last meeting, but life got away.
Best and peace,
Rev. B. A.

When I came to Jane, I was nineteen, terrified, aggravated and down on
myself.  While my team of doctors were all incredible, Jane was the
one person on my team who made me feel like we were fighting my
anorexia together.  She never judged me, and constantly encouraged my
efforts.  Instead of telling me right from wrong, she walked me
through the ups and downs of nutrition and actually enabled me to view
eating as enjoyable and natural rather than a chore.  While a
nutritionist, Jane knew that my battle wasn't about the food, and it
was for that reason that I found myself curled in a chair just talking
to Jane about life because it felt comfortable and right. I most
definitely credit Jane for helping me become the healthy, happy 23
year old I am today.
Blaire Stoveld, Radnor, PA

Calling Jane was one of the scariest phone calls I ever had to make, but it was also one of the best.  The day I met Jane was the last day I used the symptoms of my eating disorder and the first day of my journey to recovery.  Jane's compassionate nature and enduring personality, along with the perfect spot on her very comfy black leather couch has helped me through some of my most difficult days and has celebrated with me the many triumphs I have had in the past year and a half.  Jane has been a part of all of these triumphs and I thank her for each meal that I am able to sit down with, relax and enjoy.
M.C.  West Chester, PA

I am currently seeing Jane for weight management.  The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing.  From the start she enlightened me on many aspects of my eating habits.  I am not feeling deprived and have much more energy, therefore moving forward to my weight goals.  Jane is very personable.  I can email her with a question and get a timely response. I look forward to seeing Jane and I know with her knowledge, professionalism, support, and enthusiasm I will reach my goals.
Diane Raymond, Pottstown, PA

Jane has been a firm foundation for me in my struggle with food.  She has provided me with support, information, compassion and a smiling face.  Jane enables me to look at my eating habits from several viewpoints, including emotional and psychological perspectives.  Jane's flexibility and open-minded approach have proven very beneficial for me and has allowed me to try various methods of healthy eating; focusing on what works best for me and my body.  Perhaps what I value most about Jane is the friendship we have formed and how she has shown me that there are no "bad foods."
Sarah, Age 26, Philadelphia, PA