Specializing in cognitive and behavioral approaches to healthy eating

Professional Testimonials

I have worked with Jane for the past five years or more.
In the unique position of inviting Jane to be sitting one-on-one, and in small groups with an adolescent population, I was apprehensive that anyone would be up to the task of talking about nutrition and self-care with this notoriously skeptical audience. WOW, she is the one who can do it! She is flexible and entirely intuitive with her careful care of each student, from the fragile disordered eating individual to the fringe unhealthy athlete, she has proved herself. With her innate humor and overt wisdom she moves in to an often carefully guarded, private, world. She is entirely able to finesse her way through this population to a place of influence and I am always impressed. Since our inception of the “Jane Malyn visits” to campus we have added our staff and faculty to the invitation list of those who may sign up for “time with Jane”. She is booked every month.
I know her influence is far reaching: in addition to her work with individuals and in small groups (dorms, etc.) she is a part of our medical team if warranted with an eating disorder case, she is my “go to” person for health and wellness questions, and her positive influence is felt on our dining service menu offerings. As a residential school, the time she spends here is invaluable to us; as a school counselor, her positive influence on health and wellness is far reaching within our population.
Thank you Jane!
Becky Smith, Director of Counseling at The Hill School, Pottstown, PA.

I have collaborated with Jane Malyn for 9 years as part of a treatment team caring for eating disordered clients. The team typically includes a nutritionist, a physician and a psychotherapist. This can often be a demanding population. Jane brings her expertise, on the money intuition and a healthy sense of humor. I appreciate how reliably she keeps the lines of communication open to the doctors we work with as well as to myself. She is also very respectful of clinical boundaries. I know our patients also very much appreciate her flexibility in working out meal plans that reflect their own food preferences.
Kathryn Ratner, L.C.S.W., Bryn Mawr, PA

I love referring clients to Jane because I always know that they will feel both comfortable and challenged by her. She is a great collaborator and has a gift for understanding the depth of a person.
Jane Shure, PhD, LCSW, psychotherapist, writer & public speaker

As a primary care physician, I need good specialists to refer my patients to. Jane Malyn provides excellent nutritional service for my patients. I get rave reviews from the patients I have sent to her. They appreciate her thorough, clear coaching and her sense of humor. Having Jane Malyn as a resource for my patients has been invaluable!
Elana Kripke, MD, Paoli, PA